Our programmes

Team support

We provide support following the OCT process, i.e. based on team support techniques according to the Power4 methodology.

Neurosciences to develop your adaptive intelligence

  • Manage your daily stress using mental mode management
  • Manage relationship stress and defensive aggressiveness with neurosciences
  • Make successful changes with neurosciences
  • Mobilise your collective intelligence with changes
  • Identify your levers of motivation and demotivation
  • Discover yourself to make the right career choices
  • Remain calm and in control and/or under review with neurosciences
  • Learn to set and achieve realistic objectives with the cube game

Our management training courses

Our profession as coaches and trainers added to our professional experiences has allowed us to model an optimal acquisition programme. Our aim is to enable managers to integrate the contributions, so that they can immediately put them into practice in their jobs. The return on investment is guaranteed by our ability to translate theoretical and practical knowledge into effective behaviour, which can be observed in the way managers and directors operate.

Tailor-made training courses

Among the 9 training modules that we have elaborated, select whichever one or ones are useful to you … and build a tailor-made programme with us that is the best adapted to your company needs, according to your specific expectations, your priorities, your budgets, the time you have available, etc.

  • Emotional intelligence at the service of your management
  • Deploy your relational skills
  • Speak in public
  • Put your assessment meetings at the heart of performance
  • Face-to-face management: how to delegate more and better
  • Make your meetings successful and motivating
  • Become the support for your employees’ performance
  • Better manage multicultural contexts
  • Better manage your time and that of your employees

Some references

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