Team coaching

Le coaching d'équipe avec Power4

The objectives

Team coaching is basically aimed at how to work better “together”, namely to move from a collection of individuals, where people are self-focused, to an interdependent group where cooperation is a way of working, in order to achieve an effective team: each member works by having integrated the specialities of all the other team members and is the bearer of a shared vision.

A few guidelines

  • To marshal the team towards its objectives
  • Development of cooperation
  • Growth in bonding and effectiveness
  • Cultural change or reorganisation
  • Improvement in communication
  • Conflict management, training in metacommunication
  • Development of autonomy
  • Development of collective intelligence in relation to the vision
  • The launch of new products, or a new project

« Give them a tower to build and you will make brothers of them »

Some references

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