Power4, or the “power for” …

  • reaching a major individual or team objective,
  • improving their performance by releasing their potential (empowerment),
  • developing their managerial identity,

…accompanied by a professional coach.

Our disciplines

Le coaching en entreprise avec Power4

Corporate coaching

In this ever-changing world, management is becoming a complex exercise. The secret of success lies in the strength of a joint project, defended by the leader, the manager and the teams.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching means working alongside one person in a professional situation to help them to find their own solutions and develop their abilities from a perspective of global and sustainable development.

Le coaching individuel avec Power4
Le coaching d'équipe avec Power4

Team coaching

Team coaching is basically aimed at how to work better “together”, namely to move from a collection of individuals, where people are self-focused, to an interdependent group where cooperation is a way of working.

«If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.»

Some references

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