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Vincent Lenhardt

President of the firm Transformance (Paris), Vincent Lenhardt is known for introducing coaching in France in 1988. He was President of the European Association of Transactional Analysis. A familiar speaker at employer clubs, he has published several works on transactional analysis and management, in particular, “Les responsables porteurs de sens” (published by Insep).

Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne)

Theory of self-knowledge and communication which enables the analysis of reactions, behaviour and actions. It allows a better understanding of the mechanisms of performance and communication methods so as to achieve greater personal efficiency and improve relationships with other people.

Process Communication (Taibi Kahler)

Practical and relevant model for communication and company motivation. Originating from the “Transactional Analysis”, this approach enables a management and understanding of relationships within management. It enables a remarkable improvement in staff motivation, sales, internal and external communications, and recruitment quality.

Systematic and strategic approach (Palo Alto)

Systematic and strategic approaches are concerned with the way in which problems manifest themselves in the present, and uses the clients´ current environment to resolve them. Based on new communication research, they look for the fastest possible ways to improve day-to-day operations while leading people to have new experiences which will allow them to confront the present and the future in a different way.

Organisational Theory (Eric Berne)

Theory encapsulating the basic scientific elements of every organisation. Through a specific procedure, it enables the acquisition of an analysis and very precise diagnosis of organisational structures.

NeuroCognitive and Behavioural Approach (NBA)

NBA forms a synthesis between psychological sciences (behavioural and cognitive therapies) and the neurosciences (brain sciences). Through this approach, which is the fruit of 20 years of research, it is possible to develop a systemic vision of the behaviours of the individual in order to identify the cerebral mechanism behind a dysfunction and to apply the appropriate exercises.

Above all, NBA is pragmatic and focuses on the here and now. It is extremely efficient in terms of: stress management, motivation management, treating behavioural blockages, managing power struggles and regulating organisational processes.

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