Our philosophy

Power4 is the combination of a multicultural team, uniting a variety of competences, bound by the same experiences, values and goals:


Empowerment: the power is with the person being coached
We believe that everyone has the potential to participate actively in their own development and change.

Corporate experience: we have the ability to understand customer problems and their stakes thanks to solid and diversified corporate experience.

Humanism: We are convinced that a company´s lasting success rests primarily on its people, their values and their abilities to adapt themselves continuously.

Positivism: We look after the virtue of being and present a positive view of other people thanks to a meaningful and lasting personal development journey.

Supervision: we are regularly supervised by peers so that we are not limited by our own convictions.

Confidentiality: We undertake to respect the confidential nature of information received from our clients.

Ethics: we are members of the ICF and ICF Belgium and we scrupulously respect its deontological code of ethics

« The greater the feeling of uncertainty, the more identity must be asserted »
N. Bery

Some references

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