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Power4 Coaching is a dynamic team of partners, all with a high level of corporate experience. Brought together over a joint project, we specialise in supporting people and teams as part of development objectives and professional growth.

We mainly intervene on the thematic of future and shared visions, structure of organizations, the management of objectives, team bonding, relational and operational processes, managerial competences and leadership, adopting or changing position, professional reorientation and creativity processes.

The founder Sophie Plaquet runs Power4 Coaching.

Sophie Plaquet

Following a Master’s Degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences, which led to more than 15 years corporate experience, I am now a Coach Consultant in Human Management, certified “Coach & Team+” by Vincent Lenhardt.

As a specialist in transactional analysis and a “certified coach and trainer” in Process Communication Management, I have also trained in the study of organizational structures (TOB) and in the Palo Alto school’s systemic and strategic analysis. I’m also specialized in NeuroCognitive and Behavioural Approach.

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Why turn to corporate coaching?
In the managerial posts I occupied, I was face-to-face with all the tensions inherent to the life of dynamic companies adapted to their strongly competitive environment. It took me several years of stress and various tensions to realise the crucial importance of our human resources and their driving force in companies: man is considered above all as a “subject of growth” and not just an “object of production”. The many training courses I attended following this awareness further confirmed this opinion and gave me the desire to combine my understanding of corporate stakes with the complexity of human management.

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