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Power 4, individual coaching

The objectives

Individual coaching means working alongside one person in a professional situation to help them to find their own solutions and develop their abilities from a perspective of global and sustainable development.

The aim is to allow them to take a step back, to analyse the present, to marshal all aspects of their personality in order to reach their objectives. It´s a task of personal growth which broadens the field of autonomy and responsibility.

A few guidelines

  • Development of a professional and/or personal identity
  • Support for a new professional project
  • Improvement in leadership
  • Alteration of management methods
  • Integration of a new function
  • Improvement in communication
  • Preparation of major decision(s)
  • Management of interpersonal conflict
  • Consideration of managing objectives and priorities

» A few concrete cases

«If we don’t change, we don’t grow up.
If we don’t grow up, we don’t really live.
We have to temporarily abandon all feelings
of safety in order to grow up.»
Gail Sheehy